Licenced Custom Agent

Licenced Custom Agent

We are a licensed Nigerian company whose scope of work comprises of:

  • Terminal Agent or Representative for major International Oil and gas companies which is the IOC and Government Officials in crude-Oil lifting operation with respect to the terminals. Its job scope can be divided into three stages.
    (1) Pre- loading Activities
    (2) Inward & outward clearance
    (3) Post-loading documentation.

Obod global undertake Clearing and Forwarding Service- we do not rely on third parties, staff clears all cargo. We handle clearance of all cargo via Air or Sea - FCL, LCL, Break-bulk and Vehicles.


  • Arranging processing of all Import documents, namely; Form M, Insurance Certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR) etc.
  • Collection of documents from the Airlines, Airline agent or ships agent and payments of necessary handling charges and documentation fees on behalf of the company.
  • Preparation of Customs Bill of Entry, payment schedule and other related documents.
  • Payment of Customs Duty and related charges to the Government designated Bank based on the Pre- Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR )
  • Processing of Customs Bill of Entry, etc through the Nigeria Customs Services Processing Unit. CPC
  • Positioning of shipment for Physical Examination and release by the Nigerian Customs Services.
  • Processing of documents through Ship Agents or Airlines Agents and obtaining Authorization to load cargos after payment of handling, rental and storage charges.
  • Arranging to load shipments on truck or transfer to bonded areas, whichever is applicable.
  • Delivery of shipment to Companys premises, Warehouse or any other designated delivery point.
  • Arrangement for offloading shipment at any point of delivery.
  • Providing the Company with all documentation confirming payment of Customs Duty, where applicable and release of shipment by Government Authorized Agencies along with copies of delivery waybill.
  • Liaising with all Government agencies and keeping the Company advised on all current regulations regarding Imports into and Exports out of Nigeria to ensure compliance.
  • In the event of Cargo received discrepancies or short landed, applying and obtaining all relevant documentation for processing a claim through the insurance Company.
  • In the event of any refunds becoming due to the company, to make the necessary application and follow-up to a fruitful conclusion